Nested Virtualization (intel only)

Running Docker and other types of virtualization within your Anka VMs.

Starting in Anka 2.5.0, Nested Virtualization has received a large refactor and expanded support. It is now enabled by default.

System Requirements

  • At the moment only Big Sur hosts and both Catalina and Big Sur VMs can use Nested Virtualization.

  • We’ve tested on i7 Mac Minis and cannot guarantee that it will work properly on different hardware.

Supported Technologies


  • Not currently supported.
Please avoid suspending VMs while Docker or other nested virtualization apps are started. You will need to start the apps post-vm start.


You must set a single vCPU for the virtualbox VM for it to run properly.

Android Emulators

We highly recommend PG is enabled when using Android Emulators

There are however some steps that you need to perform to get Android emulators to run properly:

  1. When android studio goes to install the intel HAXM extension, you may need to approve the exception in System Preference > Security & Privacy and then reboot (requires a GUI session).

  2. You need to ensure that the config.ini for your virtual device/emulator has: