Environment Variables

A list of available environment variables for the Anka CLI

By default, all anka config options are available as Environment Variables by simply converting their name to uppercase and prefixing it with ANKA_. So, default_user becomes ANKA_DEFAULT_USER and the ENV takes precedence.

Outside of the config environment variables, there are a few others you might find useful:

ANKA_REGISTRYThe URL of the registry to use for anka pull/push/registry commands
ANKA_NETWORK_MODEAllow setting network mode when running anka create
ANKA_NETWORK_CONTROLLERAllow setting network controller when running anka create
ANKA_DISK_CONTROLLERAllow setting disk controller when running anka create
ANKA_MACHINE_READABLEWhether or not commands return machine readable
ANKA_LOG_LEVELThe log level for Anka CLI. Set to DEBUG, this will allow click scripts to output /tmp/_last* png files for debugging
ANKA_START_MODEAllow starting the VM in normal or recovery mode. Recovery mode is 2.
ANKA_REGISTRY_API_KEY_IDThe UAK ID to use for registry commands.
ANKA_REGISTRY_API_KEYThe UAK private key file location for registry commands
ANKA_HOSTNAMEAllows to specify VM host name on VM start
ANKA_BRIDGEThe name of the network bridge name to target.
ANKA_CREATE_VNCSet to 0 to disable executing the VNC enable step/script in anka create.